Release of Wireless Fire Alarm System
2022-07-13 11:01:07

Numens is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of wireless fire alarm system for use with 6002 CIE. The range includes CIE, wireless detectors, wireless MCP, wireless modules, wireless audio/Visual alarms and wireless nodes.

Through wireless nodes hardwired with the 6002-12 wireless expansion loop card located in the 6002 CIE. The new wireless fire alarm system support up to 500 wireless devices.
The radio adopts unique encryption technology to ensure that radio interference from other sources will not interfere with the correct operation of the fire detection and alarm system, as well as mutual interference. The distance between the node and the connected devices is up to 300 m, providing excellent floor-space coverage.

For all wireless devices, DIP switches are used for loop and address setting, which is convenient for use out of the box.

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