621 Input/Output Module

Keywords: Input/Output Module, Connect An Electrically Isolated Dry-Contact Switch and Relay Output

621 analogue addressable single input/output modules provide the interface to connect an electrically isolated dry-contact switched input to Numens 2-wire addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment. Up to 125 modules can be connected to each alarm zone loop.

A parallel resistive input filter allows multiple states to be monitored at the input. The states are converted to the loop communications protocol by the module, to enable them to be displayed on the control and indicating equipment.

The range includes a model with an integral isolator that protects other devices connected to the same transmission path. The isolator activates in the event of a short circuit in the loop wiring.



·   Single voltage-free relay output

·   Single input for connection to dry contact inputs

·   Output relay for 621-002 can be powered internally, or externally to conserve loop power load (selectable at installation)

·   Monitors and signals three distinct input states

    ·   Normal

    ·   Alarm

    ·   Open-circuit

·   Polling indicator shows quiescent operation

·   Separate indicators for Quiescent, Alarm and Fault conditions

·   Integral isolator model available

·   DC 24 V operation

·   Easy installation with simple address setting DIP switches

·   Convenient 2-wire connection

·   Available with 125 usable address settings per loop when connected to Numens control and indicating equipment

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