HNA-360 Heat Detector

Keywords: Addressable Heat Detector, EN54-5 Approved

HNA-360 analogue addressable heat detectors are microprocessor controlled state-of-the-art detectors compatible
with popular control and indicating equipment loop protocols. Up to 125 detectors can be connected to each alarm zone loop.
An electronic thermistor sensor provides sensitive rate-of-rise alarm operation, or fixed-temperature operation when the
response threshold value is exceeded.
The HNA-360 analogue addressable detectors range provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a premium heat detector for property protection applications where smoke or multi-sensor detectors may not suitable due to environmental conditions.



·Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
·Durable sensor. No adjustment or replacement required
·Sleek low-profile housing design
·Dual LEDs for 360° visibility
·DC 24 V operation
·Convenient 2-wire connection to many popular loopprotocols
·Easy installation with simple address setting DIP switches
·Available with 125 usable detector address settings per loopwhen connected to Numens control and indicating equipment
·Low maintenance

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