683 Audio/Visual Alarm Base

Keywords: Addressable Audio/Visual Alarm Base, Isolator

The 683 addressable audio/visual alarm base is a loop-powered device that provides a fire alarm warning to building occupants. It is suitable for connection to Numens addressable control and indicating equipment. The integration of the audio/visual function with a detector base may displace the need to install separate audio/visual alarm devices.
Models with an integrated isolator provides electrical isolation of loop wiring for addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment. The isolator function ensures that short-circuit faults in the alarm zone loop wiring disables a minimum number of devices. Isolator models eliminate the need for a separate isolation device on the loop.
The 683 audio/visual alarm base range provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a Standards-compliant, premium product for life safety and property protection applications.



· Visual, audible and audio/visual models available
· Loop-powered from control and indicating equipment
· Audible alarm output adjustable up to of 85 dB at 1 m
· Audible alarm tone type adjustable:
· Alternating low frequency
· Alternating high frequency
· Sweeping
· Continuous
· Long-life LEDs
· Low quiescent current
· Easy DIP-switch address setting
· Quick alarm and shadow addressable options are available.
· Optional isolator with both automatic operation and restore
· Isolator LED activation indicators
· Compatible with Numens 2-wire addressable fire detection and alarm systems
· Compatible with either addressable or non-addressable detectors
· Translucent body
· Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
· Secure mounting to all surfaces
· Flexible mounting pitch
· Low profile
· Plated contacts for durable connection to detectors
· Terminals suitable for (0.4 ~ 2.5) mm 2 diameter wiring
· Low maintenance
· Optional transparent or white cover to finish an installation without a fitted detector

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