684 Device Manager

Keywords: Hand-held Address Setting for Detectors, Modules and Manual Call Points

The 684 device manager is a configuration tool used with Numens addressable devices (such as detectors, modules and manual call points). It is a hand-held alternative to connecting addressable device to control and indicating equipment and enables checking and setting of operating parameters.

The 684 has a durable plastic housing, with a high-contrast LCD to display device operating parameters. Durable controls enable the user to navigate through configurable parameters and read from or write settings to the connected device.

The 684 addressable device manager provides fire detection and alarm system installers with a quick and convenient tool to check and set device parameters.



·     Read and write operating parameters to Numens addressable devices

·     Rugged plastic housing

·     High-contrast LCD

·     Intuitive menu to quickly navigate to device-specific parameters

·     Connected device digital command test function

·     Integral LED for detector remote indicator

·     Battery status indication

·     Rechargeable user-replaceable batteries with long operating time

·     Auto sleep inactivity timer saves battery power

·     Low battery indicator

·     Manual power control

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