660-004 Wireless Manual Call Point

Keywords: Addressable Manual Call Point, EN 54-11, Wireless

660 wireless manual call points use a wireless transmission path to connect to Numens addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment via a wireless node. Up to 32 devices can be connected to each addressable node.

A pressure-activated displacement element provides a safe and convenient way for building occupants to manually initiate a fire alarm condition.

All models have an integral alarm indicator that illuminates when the manual call point has been activated. The indicator can also be configured to flash when polled by the fire detection control and indicating equipment.

An internal battery provides 10 years of normal operation.


·Wireless transmission path

·Internal antenna

·Pressure activated displacement element provides a safe user experience

·Integral indicator to show polling and alarm activation

·Resettable with simple key operation

·Electronic loop address setting

·Suitable for indoor use

·Non-replaceable battery provides up to 10 years operation under normal conditions

·Compatible with 2-wire fire detection and alarm systems

·Monitors for quiescent, alarm and fault conditions

·Up to 32 devices can be connected to the wireless node

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