220-001 Wireless Relay Output

Keywords: Wireless Relay Output, Replaceable 5-year Battery

The 220 output module connects wirelessly to compatible smoke, gas and heat alarms, and provides an extended alarm output function to external ancillary equipment.

The output is provided by a low-power magnetic latching relay. A control provides a hush and test function. Indicators display alarm and fault conditions.

220 wireless interconnect output modules are powered by a replaceable long-life replaceable lithium-ion battery, and do not require external power.

The 220 range of wireless interconnect output modules provide residential occupants with an economical way to activate ancillary equipment in response to an alarm condition.



·        Wireless interconnection to smoke, heat and gas alarms

·       Configurable as part of a local network of interconnected devices

·       Replaceable battery provides up to 5 years operation under normal conditions

·       Output is activated when Alarm condition is received from connected devices

·       Model available with voltage-free relay contact output

·       Model available with pulsed voltage output

·       Alarm condition indicator

·       Fault condition indicator for detected output relay, Group communication and internal component failures

·       Hush/Test function button

·       Resettable when connected detection devices reset

·       Suitable for outdoor use

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