300 Detector Testers

Keywords: Suitable for different detectors, Ladder avoid, Rechargeable battery

The 300 detector tester range provides in-situ testing of smoke, heat, gas and flame detectors. Smoke detectors are tested using chemically generated aerosol artificial smoke. Heat detectors are tested using a heat source from either internal batteries or butane flame. Gas detectors are tested using butane gas. Flame detectors are tested using a butane gas flame.

Depending on the model, 300 detector testers may be extended up to a maximum 5.28 m reach. To reduce testing time, an optional infrared transceiver automatically starts the test media when the media discharge nozzle is close to the detector mounting surface.



·       Simulated smoke generated by atomization of aerosol fluid

·       Heat generated from rechargeable batteries

·       Heat for high operating temperature heat detectors available from butane flame source

·       Butane (C4H10) gas used as test source for gas detectors

·       Separate infrared filter window used for infrared flame detectors

·       Separate ultraviolet filter window used for ultraviolet flame detectors

·       Separate window used for UV/IR flame detectors

·       Rechargeable battery and battery charger included

·       Extension rods and telescopic poles provide additional reach for high detectors

·       Housed in strong, light-weight aluminium case

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