6005 Extinguishant Release Panel

Keywords: compatible with addressable and non-addressable CIE, control up to 6 releasing relays or 8 ignition actuators, ERP

The 6005 extinguishant releasing panel (ERP) provides a flexible and easily configurable solution where rapid extinguishment of a fire is required to protect people and high-value assets. The 6005 is compatible with Numens addressable and non-addressable control and indicating equipment.

Although default configuration settings facilitates out-of-box installation and rapid commissioning, operational parameters are configurable to satisfy site-specific requirements.

An internal battery-backed power supply and a wide range of accessories provides system designers with a range of equipment options to complete demanding life safety and property protection design requirements



·        Up to 7 ERPs controlled from control and indicating equipment using RS-485 serial bus

·        Language alternative to English available at the time of manufacturer

·        Configurable single zone or two coincident zone activation

·        Two configurable extinguishant releasing outputs control up to 6 releasing relays or 8 ignition actuators

·        Configurable Stage One output

·        Configurable Hold output

·        Manual release control (integral and external)

·        Configurable pre-release delay time for both auto and manual release activation

·        Configurable Stage Two alarm output as steady state or pulsing

·        Configurable Released indication for immediate indication or activation by release pressure switch signal

·        Configurable extinguishment release time

·        Configurable extinguishant released input signal (N/O or N/C)

·        Configurable reset inhibit time

·        Up to 7 accessories supported using RS-485 serial bus

·        Configurable earth fault monitoring

·        Configurable fault output

·        Configurable low pressure input signal (N/O or N/C)

·        3 Access Levels

·        Separate internal system fault indicator

·        High contrast backlit LCD for device configuration and system status

·        Robust metal enclosure

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